Friday, August 12, 2011

"New Look Bengals" Look Terrible


What better better way for the Bengals to start 2011 than by giving up a quick touchdown, fumbling their first kick-off return, giving up another quick TD only to be followed by a in interception on our rookie QB's FIRST THROW.

Well, the Red Dawn (Andy Dalton) has arrived in Cincinnati and it could be casting a shadow on some dark days in Paul Brown Stadium...dark on our home TV's as well since most games will certainly be blacked out by the greedy socialist entity that is the NFL.

Yes, the approval ratings for this year's Bengals team will likely rival that of the US Congress. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm probably not. Defense is terrible and offense is just young and will make mistakes.

The only position thing about this season is that my expectations are low.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training Disaster

I can't keep up with this blogging stuff. Marathon training was going great until this past week. I mean it was going GREAT! I feel like I've never been in better shape...well, tell that to my knee and my new sports doctor that I visited yesterday.

Efff me if I haven't developed some pretty bad knee pain...not soreness, legit pain that caused me to stop running 12 miles into a key 20 mile long run. Now I'm perma-freaked about what will and won't make it flare up again...and just how hard I can push it between now and October 10th.

Oh well, it's been a fun process. Fundraising for St. Jude has been great. My family and friends have been extremely generous and I appreciate that.

Reds are in 1st and headed to the playoffs and the Bengals kick off this weekend (Bearcats suck but I won't get into that right now) life is good. Peace out for now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chicago Training - Week One Summary

Pretty straight forward training this past week.

Tuesday = 3 miles in the morning 4 miles with run club in the evening
Wednesday = 5 miles tempo at LA Fitness (39:12 min)
Thursday = 3 miles in the morning
Saturday = 8 miles

Weekly total = 23

I was disappointed that it monsoon'd on Saturday morning so I had to run 8 miles on the treadmill. It probably forced me to push my pace.

This week will have to be modified a bit to accommodate a packed weekend of festivity. Lady A / Tim McGraw concert Friday followed up by a wedding Saturday evening.

I got some great feedback and support from my last post that I sent out in email form. As of right now I've received $1,043 raised to support St. Jude and much much additional moral support for the effort. Most interestingly I learned a good friend of mine was treated for a childhood bone cancer by St. Jude and he credits the hospital for saving his life.

New goal is $1,500...still time to support the cause by clicking here! My fantastic supporters are with me every step of the way to October 10th.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Blog Start - Chicago Marathon Training with the St. Jude Heroes

Thanks to the support of some amazing and generous friends and family members we are nearly half-way to raising $1,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Currently the needle stands at $495!

As I embarked on a nice and easy 8 miler last weekend to warm up for the real training ahead, I had a thought while passing over the Taylor-Southgate bridge (other than how dirty the Ohio River looks on a sunny day). For some reason I just felt fortunate to be healthy and able to take on a commitment like my second full-marathon. Not everyone has the chance to push themselves like that.

I think I can attribute this brief moment of thankfulness and clarity to my involvement with the St. Jude Heroes program. Candidly, when I picked up this cause it was solely to get a spot in the Chicago Marathon ( I missed the small window to secure a number through general registration). As I’ve gotten more into my fundraising activities, seen the early support I’ve received from family & friends, interacted with the St. Jude staff and read the moving stories in the team e-newsletters – that has drastically changed.

We all have daily stress (money, time management, relationships..etc) and it may seem like a sacrifice for me to stay in on a Friday night so I can get up early to run 12-20 miles on Saturday morning – but if that's my main sacrifice, I'm a blessed guy.

The kids impacted by the gifts contributed to the Heroes program have to deal with stresses like, hospital visits, needles, radiation, chemotherapy and surgeries. That’s real. That reminds me to be thankful for every aspect of my life…even the stressful ones.

I’m very thankful to those who have supported St. Jude already through my Chicago Marathon effort. As I start ramping up the mileage this summer, I am motivated each step of the way by your support. More importantly, your support helps to provide kids with cutting edge care while they take on real life challenges and their parents don't have to worry about their ability (or inability) to pay.

As of today, we’ve raised $495 so far on the way to $1,000 (or more). If you have not yet had the opportunity to join me on this adventure, I invite you to do so by visiting and cliking "donate now"

Please also check back here to for more updates along the way!

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