Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chicago Training - Week One Summary

Pretty straight forward training this past week.

Tuesday = 3 miles in the morning 4 miles with run club in the evening
Wednesday = 5 miles tempo at LA Fitness (39:12 min)
Thursday = 3 miles in the morning
Saturday = 8 miles

Weekly total = 23

I was disappointed that it monsoon'd on Saturday morning so I had to run 8 miles on the treadmill. It probably forced me to push my pace.

This week will have to be modified a bit to accommodate a packed weekend of festivity. Lady A / Tim McGraw concert Friday followed up by a wedding Saturday evening.

I got some great feedback and support from my last post that I sent out in email form. As of right now I've received $1,043 raised to support St. Jude and much much additional moral support for the effort. Most interestingly I learned a good friend of mine was treated for a childhood bone cancer by St. Jude and he credits the hospital for saving his life.

New goal is $1,500...still time to support the cause by clicking here! My fantastic supporters are with me every step of the way to October 10th.

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